Interface and Interaction Design

PicMonkey is a Seattle-based photo editing startup that was created by the founding members of the Picnik team (acquired by Google in 2010).

I joined PicMonkey in November 2016. During my four month contract, I worked on the following projects.

Welcome & Onboarding

PicMonkey had two tiers of users: Basic Users and Royale Users. The only emails either tier received regarding their account were upgrade notifications and the PicMonkey newsletter. My first project was to optimize the Welcome flow for all new users (Basic and Royale) as well as the Onboarding flow that followed.

I sketched out every possible scenario a new user could find themselves in, and made note of the existing scenarios we already had in place. For example, we were sending emails asking users to upgrade, but not to confirm their sign up or welcome them to the service.

PicMonkey had an archive of great tutorials, so we decided to add targeted tutorials to onboarding emails based on how long the user was active. For example, new users would see beginner tutorials such as "5 Photo Editing Best Practices", while more seasoned users would see advanced tutorials like "How to Make a Double Exposure".

Not long after the wireframes were created, priorities shifted for the product team. We put this project on the backburner while I focused my attention on a new project.

Had the scope of my contract been longer, I would have revisited this project and polished the visual design, performed user testing, and iterated on designs that incorporated the user testing results.

Custom Effects

Shortly before I joined PicMonkey, the Custom Effects feature was added to their priority list. As employees used the product internally, many found themselves editing a photo to their desired effect, then forgetting the steps they took to get there. The Custom Effects feature preserves those steps by saving the effect under a unique name, and storing it in their account for future use.

Saving a Custom Effect
Applying to a new photo
Renaming and Deleting

Font Filtering

PicMonkey had a long list of fonts to choose from, as well as an option for users to upload their own. The font filtering feature allows users to quickly find the font they're looking for, without having to scroll.

Color Picker Audit

My last project at PicMonkey was to refresh the product's color picker tool.

It was a known issue that the color pickers were inconsistent across the product, but it wasn't until I performed an end-to-end audit that we realized just how inconsistent they were.

During my research, I performed an additional audit on color pickers from other design tools and competitors such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, BeFunky, and Fotor.

Afterwards, I proposed a color picker that incorporated the eyedropper tool, HEX and RGB value inputs, color preview, and consistent color gradient.

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